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The Choice is Yours

Our whole lives are molded by the setsof choices we have made during the past. These choices might havebeen good or bad ones. Regardless, these have influenced the coursesof our lives greatly. Therefore, we always have a choice. The badthing is that we remember these choices only after the choosing hasalready been done. This is because most of us follow a set path ofliving, rarely focusing on our true desires and wishes which dwellinside our heart, making us strive for more. This leads us to theever-present question of whether there are tactics for leadingsuccessful lives or whether we are leaves in the wind, letting lifecarry us around, tossing and turning our reality the way it sees fit.

The truth is that you can make your ownchoices and should always reflect life from your own point of view.You need to do things which make you physically, mentally,emotionally and spiritually happy and satisfied, causing no regretsin the long run.

Who am I?

Even though the following motivationallines may not fit you entirely, you can always modify the existinglines by adding or replacing certain facts.

People should be unique. We are allspecial and not a single pair of human beings is completely the same.This is one of the most wonderful things about us and should becherished as well as nurtured. Thus, explore your diversity and letit influence your choices. Also, be creative and let nothing stand inyour way when it comes to expressing yourself. Always strive forintellectual and physical growth, development and health.Additionally, never neglect your spiritual balance as well. As yourlife moves on, always seek new challenges, but do not go at themalone. Rather, have a set of people you love and care about besideyou, love and be loved.

Therefore, make good choices in life byknowing what kind of a life you want. Once you are faced with achoice, analyze it well, see your benefits from each aspect of yourfurther preference and then opt for the path you are going to take,knowing that it will make both you and the people you care abouthappy. Also, never forget that there is more to life than work.Therefore, leave some place for fun and laughter, as well as artisticcreativity. Express yourself at all times and never let yourselfbecome just another brick in the wall, uniformed and without apersonality.

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