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Being fit is all about being mentally strong and nothing more. When this is achieved, everything else will be easy. People have to realize that living healthy is not something THAT requires rules and restrictions; people should live healthy so that they could have a long, fruitful and quality life. A point is missed if a person reaches really old age but is very sick and senile and there must always be someone to take care of him or her. If a person starts living healthy in time, then he or she will stay healthy and mentally sharp for all the time. So, is there a step by step method for improving your fitness?


It is not easy to maintain a healthy body. And even though many will say that a combination of increased physical activity and healthy eating is needed for this, it might also be said that eating might have a bit stronger effect. What does this mean? An absence of physical activity itself will not harm the body directly but that is exactly what happens with the lack of healthy food and healthy eating habits. A person has to eat something and if there is no healthy food, junk and fast food - unhealthy food, is eaten. This kind of food leads straight to obesity and that is a problem. So, a person needs to start eating healthy and that is a step one. Include many meals in a day and eat as much fruits as possible. Fruits are great because they are tasty, some are really sweet and they have a lot of nutrients needed for the human organism, especially vitamins and minerals. This might be the biggest change, substituting the junk snacks for fruits, but if this battle is won, then there will be more victories.

Step two

This is when eating many meals in a day with small size portions and nothing but healthy food is no longer a problem, but a normal part of life. In this moment, a person will have most of the toxins that were built up in the body flushed out; the diameter of intestines will be reduced because of smaller portions, thus resulting in flatter belly. To induce more health, this is a perfect moment for a person to start exercising. When that starts, no more steps will be needed. A person will be doing everything needed to maintain the healthy status of the organism and that is the main goal when it comes to both physical and mental aspect of one human being.

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