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It is important to know what your metabolism rate is. It can be done with the help of the resting metabolism calculator, which gives us the amount of calories we use while laying in the bed, meaning without any physical activity. Knowing this number is used for determining the daily value of calories we need. We get that number with adding calories we need for our daily activities to the value of BMR. This is a very accurate value, but there is one thing that is not included in this formula and that is muscle – fat ratio.

Knowing these values is just a starting point. There are other things that should be done in order to maintain healthy state of the body or if needed, to reduce the excessive weight. Increasing the metabolism rate can help with decreasing weight problem. MBR can be increased with the increased physical activity.

Physical activity

Physical activity is not good for reducing weight only. There are actually many things that are achieved by regular, constant and proper training sessions. Those are stronger muscle – skeletal system, stronger immune system, better breathing, easier digesting, increased amounts of energy for performing all daily activities etc. The elasticity of muscles is better, performing all possible motions is much easier and also, it should be added that having an attractive body boosts self-confidence.

Regulating eating

Another thing that can affect the number of calories we intake is eating control. Unfortunately, most of us have bad eating habits, and sometimes even though the number of calories is ok, the quality of calories taken is not good at all. This is fixed by elimination of junk food from the menu. As for eating habits, the main thing to do is change the number of meals to at least 5, which is a big difference, because most of us eat two or three times in a day (with large quantities of food). Adding snacks, usually in a form of fruits, will create a completely healthy menu that will easily reduce the unwanted pounds.


Combining healthy eating and regular exercising will lead to a healthy organism. This is not so easy, because it requires some time and a lot of changing, but that is necessary in order to become healthy. Sometimes, supplements can be used in a form of tea, herbal products and oils. Those products should be as healthy as possible and also before any use, consultation with a doctor would be a smart thing to do.

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