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A humidifier is a home apparatus that is used to moisten the air. You can have a humidifier that is used in a single room or you can have a a humidifier connected to home's HVAC system that will moist the air in the entire house.

Evaporative humidifiers are used mostly among people. They consist of a reservoir, filter and fan. It will not humidify all the areas equally, that is, if an air in the room is dry it will evaporate more and if the air has enough moisture it will evaporate less. Good thing about evaporative humidifiers is that they are self-regulating and the bad thing is that there is a possibility that wick catches mold. That is why you need to clean and dry it regularly .

Vaporizer or steam humidifier has a different patent, the water boils in it and steam and moisture and spreads through the area. We are all familiar with medicated inhalant which is used when we catch a cold. Good side of steam humidifiers is that steam has less microorganisms than the water from other types of humidifiers and thus it has better influence on people’s health. Bad side is that vaporizers spend more electricity and they can sometimes become overheated and either melt or cause fire. It is important to clean vaporizer with citric acid and vinegar to avoid buildup of minerals and impurities.

Impeller humidifier or cool mist humidifier is actually throwing out tiny drops of water into the air.

Ultrasonic humidifier creates something like cool fog using ultrasonic waves. It is essential for such humidifiers to clean them regularly as they will release all impurities they catch around. In order to lower the number of microorganisms in the air it is recommendable to use distilled water in ultrasonic humidifier.

There are numerous health benefits of humidifiers.

If the air in your house is clean and moisturized you will prevent headaches, dry skin, coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, cracked lips, respiratory problems and so on. Humidifiers will improve the quality of the air making it healthier for us to breath.

During winter season heating dries the air a lot, so having a humidifier will help a lot.

Humidifier kills the germs in the air preventing flu or cold viruses from spreading around.

It is advisable for air to be moisturized more than 30% and less than 50% .

Humidifiers usually have hygrometer where you can read the level of humidity in a room allowing you regulate it.

Humidifier can release cold or hot air according to your personal needs.

There are different sizes of humidifiers. Ultrasonic are usually the smallest in size while whole-house air humidifier are the largest. Bear in mind that small sized humidifier can moisture the air in a single room which is not extremely big.

If you own a humidifier you need to replace filter once a month. You also need to empty the tank and clean it.

If you have portable air humidifier make sure to refill the water every day to eliminate microorganisms.

Keep children far away from vaporizers since they can burn themselves.

Do not exaggerate with humidifying your home since you can cause counter effect and create molds and bacteria in the air.

If you maintain your humidifier properly and keep optimal level of humidity in a house you will have positive impact on your health.

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