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Salty Sensation in Mouths and Lips

There are people who are troubled by quite a peculiar condition. Namely, they seem to be tasting something salty in their mouth and on their lips even though nothing is there nor have they eaten salty food beforehand. This condition can remain persistent, leading to these sensations for a longer period of time, pestering one making him/her unable to function properly, enjoy meals or even sleep. This causes a lot of mental and physical frustration and makes a person incapable of dealing with all the daily troubles successfully. There are several different causes of this problem and, therefore, several different treatments which can return regular taste in your mouths and on your lips. What is more, the problem is always related to the mouth instead of having anything to do with the nose, as some might think initially.

Reasons behind Salty Taste in Mouth and on Lips

One of the most common causes of this problem is dehydration. Due to the lack of water in one's body, his/her mouth and lips may have a salty taste. This can take place if you are negligent of your body's needs or if you are on a diet which involves taking diuretics which make you lose water faster. Either way, you should compensate for your losses in order not to experience the salty sensation anymore.

Speaking of medications, those which are prescribed when a person is fighting cancer or is going on a radiotherapy are known to cause taste abnormalities, possibly resulting in salty mouth and lips.

On the other hand, sinus infections, allergies or any other situations of excessive mucus production in the throat may all lead to the onset of this sensation issue. In some cases, the very glands which are in charge of saliva production get infected by bacteria or some illnesses. Then, the chemical composition of one's saliva gets altered, resulting in salty tasting in some cases.

Poor dental and oral hygiene may lead to bacterial infections which affect a person's mouth as a whole. Then, both lips and mouth may be affected, causing the salty taste to be felt on both of them. Finally, cerebrospinal fluid leakage, brain and neurological disorders, malnutrition, epilepsy or brain tumors can all be considered as alternative causes of these taste and sensation problems.

Possible Treatments

Every treatment varies on the cause of the problem. Therefore, those troubled by dehydration should increase their water and fluid intake. Similarly, those who suffer from bacterial infections should treat them and take greater care their oral health, by brushing their teeth regularly and taking care of their oral hygiene. Finally, if any drugs are causing this phenomenon, changing the treatment along with the medications may result in the cessation of the taste problems of this type.

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