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Whenever we go to see a doctor because of the pain in the throat or because we cough constantly, the doctor checks our throat and tonsils. Tonsils are two lymph gland tissues that are located on both sides of the back of the throat. They are oval in shape. In the throat, there are also two other lymph gland tissues behind the uvula, which are called adenoids. Tonsils and adenoids help the immune system since they defend the body from the viruses and bacteria that penetrate into the body through the mouth and sinuses. When bacteria or viruses enter the body, the tonsils together with adenoids trigger the body’s immune system by secreting the antibodies that kill the foreign bodies.

Pus pockets on tonsils

When the tonsils are infected or inflamed, pus pockets appears on them. The pus pockets are usually white and can look like bumps on tonsils. One should know that pus pockets are not a disease, but only a symptom of tonsil infection or tonsil inflammation. When it occurs, swallowing or talking can be very uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Tonsillitis is the medical term for the acute inflammation of the tonsils, which is marked by the swelling and enlargement of the tonsils. The main symptom of tonsillitis is the appearance of white pus pockets on tonsils, which are actually white tonsils stones.

Causes of pus pockets on tonsils

Pus pockets on the tonsils are usually caused by tonsils infections, such as tonsillitis, sore throat, and tonsils abscess. When bacteria streptococcus progenies cause the tonsils infection, the tonsils become inflamed. Due to this inflammation, white pocket pus appears on the tonsils. Other causes that are responsible for the occurrence of this condition are common cold and influenza. Furthermore, unhygienic living conditions may also lead to the appearance of white pus pockets on the tonsils. It is also considered that excessive consummation of refined foods such as sugar, white flour, tea, coffee, fried foods and condiments may also be a potential culprit for this condition.

Symptoms of pus pockets on tonsils

Of course, the main symptom of this condition is the formation of white pus pockets on the tonsils. However, when the tonsils are inflamed, the people who suffer from it may experience fever, chills, tiredness and fatigue. Furthermore, bad breath, ache in the muscles or ache in the ears may also appear as the symptom of the inflamed tonsils. Other symptoms, among which are swollen glands in the necks and painful swallowing, may also accompany white pus pockets.

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