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Strep throat rash is a condition that represents a warning sign of the scarlet fever. In the majority of cases, strep throat rash goes together with a strep or sore throat. The main causes for the occurrence of the strep throat, as well as for the development of scarlet fever are the bacteria called Streptococcus bacteria. Scarlet fever is also called scarlatina, and it is named after the remarkably scarlet colored skin rash that appears on the entire body, along with strep throat.

As a symptom of scarlet fever, skin rash occurs in the parts of the body when the bacteria release toxins in the blood. These released toxins may cause allergic reactions that are manifested through skin rash. This skin rash usually appears first in the neck and the face, but it tends to expand to the chest and the back. Over time, the entire body becomes covered in rash. However, after 5 days, the strep throat rash disappears.

The strep throat rash, as well as scarlet fever, are very contagious because the bacteria are in the nose and the throat. It can be easily passed from one person to another through the direct contact and through the air simply by coughing, for example. The strep throat rash is a condition that usually affects children and should be treated on time in order to avoid the development of scarlet fever.

Causes of strep throat rash

Streptococcus bacteria are the main cause for strep throat and strep throat rash. Scarlet fever occurs only when the bacteria releases toxins in the body. When Streptococcus bacteria cause certain skin infections, the strep throat rash may also appear. These skin infections are usually caused when the bacteria enter the skin through a cut or a wound and then cause skin rash.

Symptoms of strep throat rash

This condition has its characteristic body signs. The most obvious and visible symptom of the strep throat rash is the rash which in the early stages reminds of sunburn. The skin that is affected becomes rough and like sandpaper. In the majority of cases, the rash spreads to the whole body except palms, soles and area around the mouth. The affected skin gradually starts to peel and that can lasts several days. People with scarlet fever or strep throat rash may also experience sore throat and swollen throat, as well as redness of the throat and red dots on the back of the throat. Furthermore, swollen lymph nodes, enlarged tonsils, headaches, fever and chills are some of the symptoms of the strep throat rash.

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