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Against All Logic

While a woman is pregnant, she has aspecial, closest bond with her soon-to-be-born child. Therefore,taking into consideration that her child is located inside her womb,everything she eats or drinks, she is bound to share with the growingfetus. Thus, every pregnant woman needs to be extremely careful whenit comes to her pregnancy lifestyle, since, during this period, anymistreating of her organism directly means mistreating the unbornbaby. Logically, alcohol consumption is absolutely out of thequestion and pregnant women should not even get close to this harmfulbeverage. Consuming alcohol during pregnancy is bound to have anegative effect on the child, giving way to numerous anomalies andcomplications, some more serious than the others.

Effects of Alcohol on Baby in the Womb

There are numerous different effects ofalcohol your baby may endure due to your inability to avoid thisharmful beverage completely while being pregnant. Moreover, it takesonly minimal amounts of alcohol for quite damaging effects. Apartfrom vision and hearing problems the baby may experience, it mighthave a low birth weight, or suffer from mood disorders whiledeveloping slower than other, healthy, babies. Additionally, someparts of the baby's organism may get deformed, including joints,bones, face, limbs, brain and many others. Once exposed to alcoholwhile in the womb, the baby may suffer from lazy eyes, heartproblems, or some other complications related to the internal orgenital organs, brain or the urinary tract. Finally, due to some ofthe above mentioned factors, the baby may be mentally impaired,suffering from brain damage or brain anomalies, slow emotionaldevelopment, poor coordination, behavioral problems and many otherconditions.

All these symptoms are part of acondition called the fetal alcohol syndrome, or FAS. This conditionis very common since many future mothers are not aware that evenminimal alcohol indulgence can be critical for the babies health.What is more, babies with FAS have distinctive facial features andmay be easily noticed due to their thin upper lip, thin skin aroundthe nose and specific eye features.

There is also a variation of FAS calledalcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorders. These involve permanentdamage to the brain, kidneys, heart, liver, ears, eyes and bones.Children with this disorder are retarded in many aspects, havenumerous behavioral problems and are incapable of attending regulareducational facilities successfully.

To conclude, any amount of alcohol isharmful for your future child. Thus, while pregnant, give your bestto completely avoid alcoholic beverages. There will be plentyoccasions for drinking and celebrating once your healthy andbeautiful child is born. So, make sure you allow your baby to behealthy and happy.

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