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Fluidic acid is an antibiotic which is only effective in thetreatment of the gram-positive bacterial infections, and it can be found inseveral forms, as tablets, injections and cream, but it can also be found as aningredient of many eye preparations. It works by stopping the bacteria tomultiply, and it does not kill them. Its use has increased over the last fewyears, and it is mostly due to the fact that global antimicrobial resistance isgenerally increasing.

Fluidic acid may cause certain side effects, but the importantfact here is that none of these side effects is dangerous or serious, so thereis no need for any medical attention or for quitting the use of this drug ifsome of them appear. The most usual side effects are diarrhea, nausea,vomiting, heartburn, headache and swelling in legs. It is possible that aperson may develop allergic reaction to this medicine, and the symptoms whichwill appear in that case are common symptoms of any allergy, skin rash,itching, swelling of the tongue, and possible troubles with breathing. It isrecommended to go to the doctor as soon as possible in this case, because theconsequences may be fatal if the symptoms of allergic reaction are ignored. Incases where it is used in a form of an eye ointment or eye drops, it ispossible to experience blurred vision, tears, swelling of an eyelid, andpiercing. These symptoms are temporary only, but if a person cannot handlethem, it is recommended to stop using the preparation. In cases in which it hasbeen taken in a form of injection, some of the reported side effects areirritation and pain.

Jaundice and symptoms which are related to jaundice have also beenreported by people who used fluidic acid, but they were temporary, and theydisappeared after the treatment was over. This means that the medicine affectsliver, and may cause problems with this organ, so if a person already hasproblems with it, the doctor should be informed about it. Pregnant women shouldnot use it, because it is not known whether or not it can cause problems withthe baby. The same applies to the breastfeeding mothers, since the medicine canbe passed to the baby through the milk.

Before using this medication, it would be useful to read theleaflet which comes along with the medicine, just in order to become familiarwith possible side effects and to know in which situations it is necessary toreact and seek for medical help, and in which the symptoms may be ignored.

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