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Tylox is a kind of a pain reliever which is not used for the treatment of serious and long-lasting pain, but only in cases of the moderate pain. Like a number of other pain relievers, Tylox also cannot be bought without a prescription. Given is narcotic thus the danger of its abuse and on the other side, the possibility of developing addictiveness. Related to that, it should be mentioned that the use of it is very frequently abused, because it is rather inexpensive, but it should also be mentioned that those who suddenly stop to use it after they have used it frequently the chances are that they will probably feel the symptoms of the withdrawal. On the other side when it comes to its legal use, it is suggested to take it either only when a person is in pain, or as prescribed and according to the schedule (which even includes the moments when the person is not in pain) it is more frequently prescribed in the first way. Also, it should be taken with food, and the attention should be paid to the doses, because overdosing may lead to the poisoning. If a person is using some other medicine such as antidepressants, barbiturates, antihistamines or some other narcotics, for example, or if she or he suffers from conditions such as renal failure, hypothyroidism, cirrhosis, asthma, etc., the doctor should be informed about this in prior to the prescribing the medicine since it is the best way to avoid the possible complications, or at least to minimize the risks. Just as it applies to any other medicine, women who are expecting baby or who are lactating should consult their medical care provider before using this medicine.

Speaking of the side effects of Tylox, they are possible, but in general they are rarely experienced if people are following the instructions when using it. The unwanted symptoms that this medicine might provoke are constipation, dizziness, drowsiness, itching and nausea which does not necessarily have to be followed by vomiting. The symptoms which are similar to the symptoms of allergy do not necessarily have to indicate allergic reaction, because itching is one of the most frequent side effects of Tylox, and it rarely requires medical attention. Of course, it does not mean that a person should not seek it if itching becomes unbearable. Some of the symptoms which do require medical attention without any doubt are severe constipation, signs which indicate the damage of the liver, problems with urinating, anxiety and confusion. However, these situations are very rare.

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