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Demulen is a contraceptive medicine and its main purpose is to prevent pregnancy, but it can be used in order to regulate the menstrual cycle as well. Demulen is a combination of estrogen and progestin, which means that it is a hormonal drug. This suggests that it should not be used without medical prescription, and just the same, its use should not be stopped before consulting the doctor. The pack may contain 21 or 28 pills, and they should be taken every day at the same time, and under no circumstances, they should be borrowed to anyone, not even to the person who has the same symptoms. Taking them without a prescription can be dangerous.

Once you start taking Demulen, during the first month you might have light bleeding or spotting. Sickness is a symptom which might also be experienced during the first month, but it does not mean that you should stop taking the pills, because it is a common symptom, and it usually disappears on its own. However, if the sickness is persistent, a doctor should be consulted. If diarrhea or even vomiting occur, then this is the sign that you do not react very well to them and that they are not working for you.

Just like almost every other medicine, this one also has certain side effects. Some of them are more or less expected and not so serious, while some of them are not. Those which are not so alarming, unless persistent, are tenderness or enlargement of the breasts, appetite and weight change, headache, nausea and vomiting, cramps or bloating and vaginal spotting or bleeding. However, the ones which require immediate medical attention are allergic reactions which include hives, itching, problems with breathing and swelling of lips, mouth or tongue; breast lumps; swelling of calves or legs; chest pain; dizziness and problems with vision. Among the more serious side effects are also missed menstrual periods or persistent and abnormal vaginal bleeding, severe pain in the stomach, migraines, mood changes, numbness of an arm or a leg, swelling of fingers or ankles and yellowing of the skin.

As we can see, the side effects of Demulen are numerous, and those mentioned here are only some of them. Of course, this should not lead to the conclusion that this medicine should not be used at all, because there are women who do not feel any side effects when using it. This should only point out the seriousness with which this medicine should be taken, and it should inform about the difference between the symptoms which are normal and those which demand medical attention.

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