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Sronyx is yet another oral contraceptive pill, based on the combination of certain female hormones which are primarily used in order to prevent ovulation and thus the unwanted pregnancy. This medicine can be used in the treatment of certain conditions, but pregnant women, as well as women who have had a baby, should never use it. The same goes for the women who have a liver disorder, jaundice, high blood pressure, migraines, problems with circulation, and the women who had a stroke, blood clot or those who have some kind of a cancer. Women over the age of 35 should reconsider the use of sronyx, or any other hormone-based pill, especially if they smoke, since they are at higher risk of developing some heart disease or even heart failure.

There are medicines which should not be combined with sronyx, due to the possible consequences which may even lead to a fatal outcome, and some of such medicines are certain antibiotics, medications for seizures and HIV, sedatives, acetaminophen, prednisolone, and even St. John’s wort and vitamin C. In case a person has to begin to use some other medication while already using sronyx, her doctor should be informed prior to that.

As for the possible side effects, some of those which are, more or less, expected are vomiting or mild nausea, acne, cramps in the abdomen or even bloating, headaches, changes in the menstrual periods, or even bleeding between the two periods. Some women might experience vaginal irritation or discharge followed by itching, and there are cases in which tenderness and pain in the breasts, or even changes in the skin have been reported. If any of these symptoms appears, a woman should not call a doctor right away, because they usually appear during the first two months of the therapy, and then they gradually disappear. However, if they persist, or if any of them becomes intolerable, there is no reason to wait for two months in order to see if they will disappear on their own, but medical help or advice should be sought.

There are certain contraindications to the use of sronyx which do require immediate medical attention, since they might indicate that the medicine is not good for a patient and that it might be necessary to stop taking the medicine. Some of them are pain in the chest, or pain spreading to the shoulder, loss of appetite, signs of jaundice, swelling in hands, feet or some other part of the body, problems with sleeping and changes of the mood, confusion, and even depression.

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