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Pethidine is a medicine which is also known by the brand name of Demerol, and it is one of the most frequently used painkillers. It was considered to be a very efficient analgesic, and much safer and less addictive than other opoids. But after some time it has been proven that in fact, pethidine has a very low potency, short duration of action and particular toxicity, which was a reason enough for some countries to restrict its use.

The research showed that the possible side effects of this drug are not at all negligible, and that everyone should carefully consider using this medication. It is possible to get it without a prescription however, medical advice on whether or not it should be used is highly recommended.

The usual and the most common side effects are related to vomiting and nausea, constipation, various types of skin irritations, headache, blushing of the face, weakness and sleepiness. But it is not uncommon for a person to experience changes in urination, small pupils, hallucinations and even a drop in blood pressure. Allergic reactions can show up in cases when a person is allergic to some of the ingredients of pethidine, and the symptoms which indicate this are swelling of the mouth, lips or tongue, difficulties in breathing and hives or a rash. Allergic reactions, even the slightest ones, require medical attention.

The side effects which should be a reason for a concern are irregular heartbeat and chest pain, fainting, numbness of the limbs, problems with vision, serious dizziness and problems with breathing. If a person recognizes even only one of these side effects, he or she should seek medical advice or help as soon as possible, because these side effects will not go off by themselves. What’s even worse, they can lead to some very serious consequences if ignored.

This medicine is sometimes used with pregnant women during labor in order to relieve the pain, but in such situations serious side effects in babies, such as problems with breathing and sucking, are also possible. Otherwise, no serious consequences have been noticed in pregnant women who used it, because it has been used for a long time as a painkiller during pregnancy.

People who drink alcohol, or even people who use sleeping pills or antidepressants should not use pethidine at the same time because the effect of drowsiness will only be increased this way. The same applies to those who are considering combining of this medication with barbiturates, morphine, codeine and antihistamines.

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