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Cyproterone acetate is a medication which is mainly used in the treatment for prostate cancer. It affects the male hormone, testosterone. Cyproterone acetate can also be used in the treatment for acne, hot flashes, hirsutism (excessive hair growth in females) or it can be combined with oral contraceptive. It is important to take this medication as your doctor prescribed. You should inform your doctor about any health problems and diseases because there are cases in which Cyproterone acetate is not recommended. These cases include heart diseases, mental or emotional problems, diabetes, and liver disease.

Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions to Cyproterone acetate are similar to those of any medication. Such reactions include skin irritation, rash, itchiness, coughing, difficulties while swallowing, breathing difficulties, tension in the chest, irregular pulse, faintness and swelling of the eyelids, tongue, lips or face.

Side Effects

Every medication has a number of side effects and so does Cyproterone acetate. The side effects include paleness of the skin, fatigue, vision impairment, severe headache, seizures, speech impairment, numbness in the arms or legs, pain in the abdomen, upset stomach, changes in appetite, changes in weight, fever, chills, hives, sickness, vomiting, unusual color of urine or stool, problems with urination, blood in urine, jaundice, swollen feet, mood changes such as depression, hallucinations, confusion, or agitation, tiredness, faintness, excessive perspiration, dry mouth, dry skin, blistering or irritation of the skin, pain in the back, swelling of the glands, pain in the chest, irregular pulse, high blood pressure, breathing difficulties, sore throat, white patches in the mouth, excessive thirst, bruising, bleedings, changes in menstrual period, reduced interest in sexual activities and sensitivity of the breasts. Side effects of Cyproterone acetate which are very rare include problem with balance, unusual changes in hair growth, diarrhea, constipation, numbness, pain in the muscles and sensitivity to light. If you notice any unusual changes, contact your doctor as soon as possible so your treatment can be adjusted.


Since Cyproterone acetate can cause faintness and vision impairment, you must be careful while driving or operating hazardous equipment. One of the rare side effects includes sensitivity to light, so it is recommended to avoid sunbathing while taking Cyproterone acetate. If you have taken the medicine and you vomited or had diarrhea soon afterwards, it is likely that the drug has lost its effectiveness. In these cases and in case you forgot to take the drug, consult your doctor regarding the dose. If you are pregnant or you are breastfeeding, notify your doctor about it.

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