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About Yaz Birth Control

Yaz or Yasmin is a tablet used for birth control. It is madeof a combination of estrogen and progesterone and there are 28 pills in thepack. 24 tablets are hormone pills and the rest are placebo. This birth controlis also recommended for women who are suffering from premenstrual syndrome(PMS) or premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Additionally, Yaz may also beused to enable shorter and lighter menstruation, to prevent menstrual cramps orto cure acne in teenage girls.

Adverse Effects of Yaz

Although Yaz has been a very popular method of birth controlit still comes with certain side effects. Some of the adverse effects are associatedwith the fact that female body needs to adjust to hormones taken with thispill. In most cases these effects are mild and they might include headaches, nausea,vomiting, changes of facial skin (darkening) and tenderness or the pain in thebreasts. Many women using Yaz experienced weight gain and this is one of thecommon side effects. Appetite changes are also frequently reported mildadverse effects of Yaz. Hair loss is another side effect that might be caused bythese contraceptive pills. Women using Yaz may also experience vaginal itching,vaginal discharge or spotting. Mentioned problems are not something a womanshould be afraid of and they can be resolved very easily in most cases.

However, there are some side effects of Yaz that are very serious innature. Yaz is known to increase the chance of occurrence of blood clots,especially in the legs or the lungs. This condition is called deep veinthrombosis, but the same problem may occur in the lungs and then it’s betterknown as pulmonary embolism. Both of these problems must be taken veryseriously and diagnosed and treated with the earliest of symptoms.

Mood changes and depression are also severe adverse effectsof Yaz birth control pills. Women using the pill may feel the need to be aloneall the time and be extremely emotional.

Severe effects of Yaz may also include problems such as heartattacks, stroke and gallbladder disease, severe bleeding in the liver, tumorsin the liver or liver cancer. Women using this contraception pill should beaware that it could lead to vision problems and numbness on one side of thebody. In some cases, women on Yaz have been found to suffer from breast orcervical cancers.

When To Avoid Yaz?

Patients suffering from chest pains and those who have had heartattack or stroke are strongly advised not to use Yaz. Women diagnosed with jaundice,tumors or cancers should also stay away from this pill.

Yaz is also not recommended for pregnant women orbreastfeeding moms.

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