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All medications cause various side effects and they can be mild or severe, temporary and permanent. Not everyone will experience all or some of them, and one should always seek immediate medical attention if any of the side effects become severe or too bothersome. Some of the side effects disappear on their own while the others still require some kind of treatment.

Some of the more common, milder side effects of Micronor include acne, headaches, mood changes, abdominal pain, breast pain, decreased amounts of menstral bleeding during periods, diarrhea, fatigue, dizziness, hair loss, nausea and weight gain. These are all mild in nature and should not appear that often, but if they do and if they become bothersome, the patient should seek immediate medical attention. Side effects triggered by Micronor that are more severe and require immediate medical attention are depression, severe types of headache, ceased menstrual periods, uterine bleeding between periods, breast lumps, rash, pain in the stomach and lower abdomen and increased flow of breast milk.

Before taking Micronor, one should consult a doctor first and inform the doctor about other medications, medical conditions and allergies and various other facts concerning the patient’s health so that they could prescribe the medication accordingly.

Women who suffer from breast cancer should not take Micronor, as well as those who suffer from cervical cancer. Those who have a history of depression must take extra care since it can recur even more while the patient is taking birth control pills. Patients who suffer from diabetes should consult a doctor before taking the medication. Progestin-based birth control pills commonly cause irregular menstrual patterns and they can also affect the results of various laboratory tests such as blood tests.

Patients who suffer from severe types of migraines and headaches sometimes can worsen their condition by taking birth control pills. Women who take birth control pills must visit a doctor for thorough physical examinations on a regular yearly basis. After discontinuing the medication, the return to fertility usually requires just a small amount of time and involves no delay at all. Unlike condoms, birth control pills can not protect patients against sexually transmitted infections.

Persons who smoke cigarettes should not be taking this medication, especially if they are over 35 years of age. Women who discover that they are pregnant should stop taking the pills since there is a slight possibility that progestin may be harmful to the unborn baby. Micronor does not have any harmful effects on breast feeding mothers or the quality and quantity of their milk. The nursing infants will not be affected by it either.

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