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Ritalin is a medication which is used to treat ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and narcolepsy. Ritalin stimulates the central nervous system by affecting the brain chemicals. This medication will not be the choice for you if you suffer from high blood pressure if you have a heart problems the various tics is glaucoma if your thyroid gland is overactive or if you have some hereditary disorders which affect certain enzymes. Ritalin is also not recommended for people who suffer from severe cases of anxiety agitation or tension.

Every medication has side effects and so does Ritalin. You should inform your doctor if you experience anything unusual. Some of the side effects of Ritalin are not so serious and they includes pain in the stomach, sickness, appetite loss, loss of weight, headache, dizziness, impaired vision, rash, perspiration, tingling in the hands and feet, and sleeping disorder. More serious side effect of Ritalin includes irregular pulse pain in the chest, faintness, lethargy, severe headache, severe rash and blisters on the skin, fever, mood and behavior changes, hallucinations, confusion and sore throat.

In case of an allergic reaction to Ritalin you may experience skin rash, itchiness and irritation of the skin, skin color changes, breathing difficulties, tension in the chest, pain in the joints and swelling of the face, tongue or lips. Other severe side effects may include dark urine, depression, feeling despair or sad, seizures, suicidal tendencies, muscle spasms and yellow eyes and skin.

According to the parts of the body which may be affected by Ritalin, side effects can be classified as side effects which involves the nervous system, gastrointestinal side effects, cardiovascular, hepatic, hematologic, psychiatric, dermatologic, ocular, respiratory, metabolic and musculoskeletal side effects. Side effects which refer to the nervous system are tics, faintness, fatigue and sleeping disorders. Gastrointestinal side effects refer to pain in the abdomen, sickness and vomiting. Cardiovascular side effects which refers to the problems with heart that can occur but if you have had any heart conditions, you will be advised not to take Ritalin at all. Hematologic side effects which involve blood cells changes are very rare in treatment with Ritalin. Psychiatric side effects include mood and behavior changes and mental disorders. In case of such side effects you may experience hallucinations, anxiety, mania, depression and insomnia. Dermatologic side effects refer to any skin disorders. Ocular involve vision disorders. Metabolic side effects refer to weight and appetite los which can lead to anorexia. Musculoskeletal side effects include muscle spasms.

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