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Puregon comes in the form of an injection and contains an active ingredient called follitropin beta. Follitropin beta is the synthetic equivalent of a follicle stimulating hormone which is a natural hormone and is used for the treatment of infertility since it directly affects the ovaries in women and the testicles in men.

Puregon stimulates the development of follicles in the ovaries and increases their number. Follicles contain the developing eggs. An increased production of the estrogen occurs which means that the largest follicle continues its development. These properties are applied in women who have problems with ovulation which leads to difficulties in getting pregnant. Once the follicle gets developed, ovulation happens with help from human chorionic gonadotrophin. Puregon is also very helpful during in-vitro fertilizations.

Puregon improves the development and production of sperm in the testicles. It is used in men who suffer from a low sperm count caused by low levels of hormones. Human chorionic gonadotrophin is once again used in combination with Puregon in order to increase the amount of testosterone produced in the testicles. The Puregon treatment requires the supervision of a specialist in fertility problems. The injection can be administered either intramuscularly or under the skin, and the patient can learn how to administer the injections by himself if needed.

All medications cause various side effects and they can be mild or severe, temporary and permanent. Not everyone will experience all or some of them, and one should always seek immediate medical attention if any of the side effects become severe or too bothersome. Some of the side effects disappear on their own, while the others still require some kind of treatment. Puregon may sometimes trigger headaches, nausea, pelvic pain, enlarged and aching abdomen, enlarged ovaries, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, tenderness and pain in breasts and deep vein thrombosis in women. Side effects exclusive to male patients include acne and breast enlargement. Both sexes may experience pain, itching and inflammation at the injection site as well as various allergic reactions to the medication or some of its ingredients.

Before being treated with Puregon, one should inform the doctor of any other medicines being taken at the moment, as well as all the non-prescription drugs, herbal medications and various supplements. If the patient used Puregon in combination with some of the other medicines that are known for ovulation stimulation that may pose an increased risk for the ovaries getting overstimulated.

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