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Fertility drugs side effects

There is no medicine without some unwanted effect and it is the same when we talk about fertility drugs. There are two different sorts of medicines used for enhancing fertility; one is used as a pill and the other one as injection. Side effects are less frequent when it comes to injected fertility drugs. However, there are side effects that can appear regardless of the type of fertility drug that is used. One of them is increased chance for having more than one baby from the same pregnancy. This is something you should talk to your doctor about, because there are dangers associated to multiple pregnancies that you should be aware of.

Studies showed that medicines used to stimulate ovulation can increase the possibility of developing cancer in the ovaries. Clomid is one of the medicines that stimulates ovulation, but can also enhance chances for ovarian cancer. It has other unwanted effects, such as sudden and strong sensations of heat and increased size of the ovaries. Some ladies may experience these effects, while others may not. However, these two side effects are the most frequent ones. There are other side effects that are not so common such as pain in the stomach area, sickness, pain in the breasts and problems regarding visual perception. Women who take Clomid can also experience headaches, bleeding in the uterus and problems with cervix uteri.

As we have said, all the fertility drugs have unwanted effects, so we will try to list possible undesirable effects of these drugs. Those are sudden changes regarding emotional state, high sensitivity, hot flashes, vertigo, exhaustion, sickness, discomfort in breasts, and stomach, the loss of clean vision, problems with gaining weight, development of cysts and fibroids and depression. The best thing you can do is talk to your doctor about everything that involves fertility medications, including the unwanted effects, because he will inform you about all possible outcomes.


There are some complications that can occur when using these medicines and those complications include multiple pregnancies and premature childbirth. Women can also develop ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which means that the ovaries are enlarged and full of cysts. In these cases, women can be in pain and swellings can appear. There are complications that can even have negative influence on the fertility and painful periods, depressive behavior and growth of cysts are some of them. There is also a possibility that woman’s body can attack and destroy sperm cells when these drugs are used.

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