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This item is used in the treatment of menstrual problems. It has progesterone, which is the hormone of female sex. It is given via injections for maintaining early pregnancy and assisted reproduction. The proper functioning of reproductive system depends on progesterone, which is created during the menstrual cycle and helps with the growth of the womb lining. Heavy and irregular menstrual periods are treated with these injections by mimicking the effect of progesterone produced in the body. Taking five to 10 injections during one month each day is needed.

These injections are also used for maintaining the pregnancy. When the ovulation period ends, the womb lining becomes thicker because of the progesterone produced. This helps the egg to be fertilized, and this period is named luteal phase. After the fertilization, corpus litheum will help the pregnancy until the full development of the placenta. It helps by the production of progesterone.

Some women have problems with lack of progesterone while in the luethal phase, which may hamper the maintaining of pregnancy and moving of the fertilized egg to the lining of the womb. When this happens, gestone injections are used. During the fifteenth day of the cycle the first gestone injection is given and the treatment lasts until the placenta can sustain the pregnancy on its own. This period usually lasts 16 weeks. Other problems that are treated with gestone injections are early pregnancy maintaining, menstrual problems (irregular periods or bleeding), and aiding the fertilized egg to go into the womb.

Side effects of gestone

Every human body is different and it reacts to drugs and medications differently. Gestone can also cause some side effects. Remember that although the side effects are possible, it does not mean that you will certainly develop some of them. As we have said, every person reacts differently to the medications.

The most common side effects produced by the gestone are nausea, tenderness of breasts, fever, spotting of the menstrual cycle, bleeding alteration, weight change, vaginal discharge alteration, depression, bleeding stoppage, certain reaction at the injection location, hair loss, sleeping problems, rash, acne, growing of hair on the face, sleepiness, skin, and eye yellowing, fluid retention, and bowl patches on the skin. There may be other side effects, so consult the doctor and the side effects listed by the manufacturer. The use of these injections with other medications can produce some problems, so remember to mention your doctor if you are using any other mediation. The combination of gestone with modafinil, aprepitant, nelfinavir, bosentan, ritonavir, barbiturates, griseofulvin, nevirapine and St. John's wort is not recommended.

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