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The nafarelin is a medicament in a form of the Synarel nasal spray that gets to be absorbed in a bloodstream, taken through the nose. The medicine gets to be absorbed, no matter of cold, or anything else. A medicament gonadorelin – LHRH, analogue Synarel nasal spray has the active ingredient nafarelin acetate. The medicament actually affects on pituitary gland located in brain.

All sort of different hormones are located in the pituitary gland. Hormones like a follicle-stimulating hormone FSH, a luteinising hormone LH and sex hormones. FSH and LH are produced by oestrogen in ovaries. And they control menstrual cycle. Hormone gonadorelin LHRH regulates how much of LH and FSH are secreted from the pituitary gland. LHRH secretes LH and FSH causing the oestrogen production with women.

There is a synthetic form of gonadorelin and it is called nafarelin and acts on the same way as gonadorelin. Accession of FSH and LH is excited by nafarelin and that encourages the higher level of oestrogen. But decreasing FSH and LH may impede oestrogen making. Lower oestrogen level cures endometriosis.

Endometriosis - Endometrium

Endometriosis is when endometrium progresses at the other places in the body. The growth stimulates oestrogen and nafarelin is necessary to levels down oestrogen and stop tissue development. The condition takes 6 months for treatment. Nafarelin can be effective for fertility. The ovulation can be the incentive bonus artificially and that is synthetic FSH, LH and hCG.

Synarel nasal spray is the effective for endometriosis and also for fertility treatment. Since it is nasal medication, it may get to be sneezed out, right after taking, in such case the medication needs to be taken again. The medication is not meant for pregnant women because the medication can hurt the baby. Also 6 months of taking, Synarel nasal spray may decrease density of the bone. So, 6 months is just enough. Patients with following medical conditions should reconsider taking this medicine;

• Pregnant • Patients under the age of 18 years • Breastfeeding mothers • Osteoporosis patients • Polycystic ovary syndrome patients • Vaginal bleeding patients • Patients with allergy to gonadorelin analogues

Side effects

And these are side effects of Synarel nasal spray: a mild of stronger headache, hot flushes, a strange mood swings, depression, myalgia, acne, a nose irritation, breast sizing down, migraine, a great loss of hair, palpitations, chest pain, a blurred vision, short breath, rash or itching, pin or needle sensations, a cysts in ovaries, raised liver enzymes, a sex drive differences or vaginal dryness.

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