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Sanomigran comes in tablets and elixir form and it contains pizotifen, which is an active ingredient used for the prevention of recurrent migraines and cluster headaches as well as various kinds of vascular headaches.

A substance called serotonin narrows the blood vessels in the brain but also causes other chemicals to be released in the brain, and these widen the blood vessels. The widening of the blood vessels in the brain seems to be the main cause of migraine headaches.

Pizotifen is used to block the serotonin receptors and by doing so, it stops the dilations and contractions of the blood vessels in the brain. It also blocks histamines which stops the widening of the blood vessels in the brain and reduces inflammation. By making all these changes, pizotifen efficiently prevents migraines and reduces their frequency and severity. But once a migraine starts it cannot be stopped by taking Sanomigran.

Sanomigrane causes drowsiness and dizziness so it is strongly suggested that one should not operate any machinery while taking the medication since it can affect performance. Alcohol should not be consumed at all. The medication must be taken regularly for the prevention of migraines and one should not suddenly stop taking it because that may trigger some withdrawal symptoms.

Stopping gradually should help in avoiding anxiety, nausea, insomnia and tremors which may occur with sudden stopping. The sweetening agent in Sanomigrane may have a harmful effect on blood sugar levels in patients that suffer from diabetes.

Persons whose kidneys have decreased function and experience difficulties during urination should be cautious when taking Sanomigrane. People who have a history of epilepsy and closed angle glaucoma should also take extra care. Infants younger than two years and patients who can be influenced by lactose contained in Sanomigrane may not use Sanomigrane. Allergic reactions may occur due to some ingredients contained in the medication.

As is the case with many other medications, it is widely unknown if it is safe to use Sanomigrane during pregnancy and breastfeeding since it may have harmful effects on the baby and the breast milk, so it should be avoided unless the benefits provided by the medication seriously outweigh the risk of harming the unborn baby.

Sanomigrane’s side effects include weight gain and an increased appetite, and it may also cause constipation, muscle and joint pain, aggression, hallucinations and nausea. One should always inform the doctor about other prescription drugs being taken at the moment because the combination of various medications can have harmful consequences. Increased drowsiness may also occur if one mixes Sanomigrane with alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, painkillers, sedatives, antidepressants and sleeping pills.

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