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A migraine is an extreme type of headache and it can come very suddenly and sometimes be crippling. The pain is so bad usually that a person will not be able to function while the headache is ongoing.

The presence of light can also make the headache even worse.

CausesDoctors are not certain what the cause of a migraine is, and the reasons behind them and factors responsible for the headaches have not been proven or identified medically.

Some believe that spasmic contractions in the arteries that supply blood to the brain could be responsible for migraines, because they develop low levels of serotonin, which leads to abnormal constructions and dilations of the arteries.

There are usually man indicators that a migraine is nearing before a person actually feels it. Stress is suspected of being a great factor behind migraines, as is a lack of sleep, climatic factors, bright light, and consuming certain foods.

Other indicators of migraines include liver problems, hormonal swings, environmental chemicals, and cigarette smoke. Women are also three times more commonly affected by migraines than men.

Natural treatmentsThere are supplements and herbs that can be taken to fight migraine pains.

The supplements have a preventive capacity that is equal to that of most prescription medicines, but a doctor needs to be consulted first before one goes off their medication and begins taking supplements.

They are recommended as preventive substances, so if the migraine is already present, it is possible that the prescription medication will have to be taken as therapy.

Minerals such as magnesium and calcium should be used by individuals that suffer from migraines. There is said to be a correlation between having low levels of the magnesium in the body and the presence of migraines. These minerals help in keeping the blood vessels healthy.

One beneficial natural remedy against migraines is the feverfew herb, which leads to the reduction of the frequency and intensity of the migraine attacks and is used over a period of several months.

Since serotonin is said to play a role in migraine attacks, 5-HTP can be used, since it is a building block of serotonin and is chemically similar to amino acid tryptophan. However, this supplement can cause nausea.

The B vitamin riboflavin can be used in supplemental form in order to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and it can be effective when the migraines are long lasting.

The vitamin can heighten energy levels and reserves in the cells of the brain, especially when used in high doses.

Vitamin C and pantothenic acid can also be used, especially when riboflavin does not have any effect on the migraine and its frequency or intensity.

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