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Birth control pills, also called oral contraceptives, areknown to have some side effects, but they are usually nothing to be alarmedabout, as they either do not require any treatment, or the one they do is quitesimple and undemanding. The likelihood of side effects caused by birth controlpills can sometimes be prevented by choosing the more recommendable type.

The main problem with birth control pills' side effects isthat their consequences cannot be tested on people, but only predicted intheory, as they would lead to many unintended pregnancies. However, every boxof birth control pills provides a list of general side effects which may occur,such as acne, breast sensitivity, nausea and vomiting, bloating, slight bleedingbetween periods, and also a decreased sex drive.

All these side effects vary for every individual person, forexample, even though birth control pills may cause acne, they may also improvethe conditions of some people dealing with acne. A common misconception in birth control pills causes weight gain, which does not happen in the majority ofcases.

While it is not possible to always predict the side effects of birth control pills, it is possible to explain some of them to anextent by observing the dosage of the hormones they contain. The majority of birthcontrol pills have estrogen and different types of progestin. The amount of theestrogen in the pill, as well as the specific type of progestin used for it,can determine some effects that the pill is likely to produce. That’s why it isimportant to consult the healthcare provider when deciding to use birth controlpills, so that he could point out the benefits and damages of different pillswhen they’re applied to that individual person.

Even though most side effects are relatively harmless, thereare a few serious issues which could arise from the use of birth control pills,such as depression, migraines, breast lumps, heavy vaginal bleeding betweenperiods, high blood pressure or cholesterol and blood clots. It is also important to mention that some birth control pills may evenprovoke a stroke or liver damage, although that is very rare.

Lastly, the key thing is to remember to pay attention to anyunusual symptoms from the moment one decides to start using birth controlpills. There is a big possibility that a person’s reaction to it will benothing above normal, but closer monitoring and consulting with the healthcareprovider will help diagnose and eliminate any potential problem.

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