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Madopar is one of the medicines which may be used in the treatmentof the Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is a very serious illness inwhich muscles become very weak, and arms and legs begin to shake heavily. It is a degenerativeand progressive disorder of central nervous system, and the main symptoms are tremor,possible instability, and rigidity. These symptoms may further result in a widerange of motor problems, of which some are speech and swallowing disturbances,small handwriting and walking in very small steps. Some of the common problems amongpeople with Parkinson’s disease are also problems with memory, vision,perception, recognition, and problems with attention.

Today, there is still no real cure for the Parkinson’sdisease. There certainly is a wide range of medicines which are used in orderto relieve some of the symptoms, but the cure which would provide permanent recoveryand recuperation is still not discovered.

Madopar is one of the forms of L-dopa medicine, which provedto be very effective and helpful in treating some of the effects of thisillness. However, on the other side, no matter how useful it might be, it isknown that it also causes some serious side effects and complications, which iswhy its use is always under the supervision of a specialist.

The most common and probably the least serious side effects causedby madopar are nausea, vomiting, and the loss of appetite. Diarrhea and blurredvision may be felt as well. But, more serious are depression, drowsiness andfrequent change of the mood, all of which even more serious in cases of people withParkinson’s disease. Allergic reactions to this drug are very rare but are notimpossible, and they can easily be recognized by itching, rash and flushing onthe skin. Madopar should be carefully combined with other drugs, because, forexample, if combined with antidepressants, it sometimes causes dangerously lowblood pressure. However, this is one of the less serious consequences, because,if taken in combination with either narcotics, sleeping pills, and sedatives, orwith antiepileptic drugs, madopar may cause even more dangerous and potentiallyeven life-threatening consequences.

Important for this medicine is the fact that, despite thefact that in this form it is only available in the United Kingdom, it cannot befound in the United States or Canada, where some other forms of the L-dopa drugare used in treating the illness.

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