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Buserelin, is also called a buserelin acetate, its a synthetic drug which has the same effectslike the hormone gonadorelin on the pituitary gland in the brain. This glandproduces many hormones. Buserelin is used in treatment of endometriosis,infertility and prostate cancer. Endometriosis is the unnatural forming of thetissues that resemble the womb on other parts in the body. Buserelin reduces estrogen,which causes the endometriosis. The role of this medicine in treatingprostate cancer and to reduce the production of the hormone testosterone, whichhas negative effect on prostate cancer. It is important to know that buserelincannot cure the cancer, but it can alleviate the symptoms. In women,buserelin combined with tamoxifen, is used to treat breast cancer.

Buserelin,as many drugs, has unwanted side effects, which may vary from person to person,and which may appear alone or combined. At the beginning of the use of thisdrug, bone pain, abdominal pain, muscle weakness in the legs and problems withurination are likely to occur. If buserelin is administered through thenasal passage, the most frequent side effects are nasal irritation, nosebleeds, dry nose, headache and some changes in the taste and smell as well ashoarseness. When buserelin is administered in the form of injection, the usualside effect is the irritation of the skin at the place of injection site.Redness, burning, swelling and itching are the signs of irritatedskin. Buserelin can also cause blurred vision and dizziness, therefore drivingor other similar activities should not be performed. Persons with high bloodpressure or diabetes must regularly control blood pressure and blood sugarlevel. The other side effects of buserelin include fatigue, tiredness,sleep disturbances, sickness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea.Depression, anxiety, and nervousness are also likely to happen. In womentenderness and swelling of the breasts is also possible to occur or even dryvagina.

Manypersons gain weight or have some troubles with appetite while using buserelin.One of the serious side effects is thrombosis with pulmonary embolism.Sometimes, impotence and the lack of sexual interest are possible to happen.Sterility in men and menopause in women might happen while using buserelintreatment. Buserelin is not recommended in children, in pregnancy or whilebreastfeeding, as well as after the menopause. People who are allergic to someof the ingredients of this medicine must not use it. It is very importantto consult the doctor when using this drug, especially when using some othersmedicines or herbs at the same time, because buserelin can increase or decreasethe effects of these other drugs.

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