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Cerazette pills are an oral contraceptives that are used to prevent pregnancy. The main component of these pills is desogestrel, which works like progesterone, and because of this component, the ovulation is disabled and it is more difficult for spermatozoids to get into uterus. These pills must be used daily, without a pause, and that is the difference between this pill and other contraceptive pills, which are used with a 7 day pause. For the best result, this pill usage should start on the first day of your period. That way you are absolutely protected and don’t need any other contraception. After delivering a baby, you should start with the intake of cerazette on the 21 day after delivery. It is important to take pills every day at the same time, but if you forget to take the pill, and you take it 12 hours later than you usually do, then use other contraception method for a few days. If you feel sick and throw up while taking this pill, than use other methods of contraception until the nausea is ended. Sometimes the usage of cerazette can result in period changes. You may get your period earlier or later than you usually do, but if that happens, do not panic, because after few months, this should stop and you will get regular periods.


It rarely happens that women who take cerazette to get pregnant. If that happens, it will most likely be ectopic pregnancy, so talk to your gynecologist if you feel pain in your belly or if menstrual bleeding doesn’t show up. Also, examine your breasts often because there are some data saying that the women who take these pills have slightly higher chances to get breast cancer. Cerazette intake should be stopped if you feel pain while breathing, headaches, changes on the skin or if you suspect that you are pregnant. You should be careful with the usage of these pills if you have heart problems, cancer, if you had ectopic pregnancy, cyst in your ovaries or jaundice while you were pregnant.

Never use this medicine if you might be pregnant or if you experience vaginal bleeding that is unusual. Also don’t take cerazette if you have heart condition, thrombosis, breast cancer, problems with liver and porphyrias. There some unwanted effects that might occur while using cerazette pills, and the most common are: period irregularities, sickness and throwing up, weak desire for sexual activity, increased breast sensitivity or ovarian cyst. There are some other adverse effects of this medicine, but these are the most common. If you need additional information, please contact your gynecologist or read the leaflet that comes with the medicine. These pills can interact with some other drugs that you might be using. Whether prescription drugs you use, inform your doctor about it, since he will be able to give you information about the possible interactions with cerazette pills.

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