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Clomid is an extremely well-known fertility drug, and one that is used increasingly often. Many women who have heard about ovulation-inducing fertility drugs think about Clomid right away. But Clomid is not the only fertility drug that could do wonders for your fertility. Let's take a look at Femara pills, and what they can do for your fertility. Femara is quite similar to Clomid in many ways, but also very different. Both Clomid and Femara work by stimulating the pituitary glands, and encouraging the development of eggs. Both medications work well for women who do not ovulate naturally, or who have cycle abnormalities.

Femara has some definite advantages over Clomid though. Unlike Clomid, Femara is cleaned from the body very quickly. While Femara pills are only effective during the cycle they are used, they are not as likely to cause long-term negative side effects. Femara does not impact the quality of cervical mucus, for instance, and keeps the endometrium, the cervical lining, intact. Like Clomid, Femara has some side effects. The most well known is perhaps the chance of multiple pregnancies. But Clomid has also been linked to menopause-like symptoms including hot flushes, which can be very unpleasant. Many women who take Femara report not having as many side effects, which is certainly a bonus. Still, before taking Femara, I recommend looking into the possible side effects, and talking to your healthcare provider about them in great details. You'll find that ovarian cysts are among the possible side effects associated with long-term use of Femara. These are said to disappear off their own accord in the vast majority of cases, but it is still something you want to think about before commencing the use of Femara. One great thing about Femara is that it can be taken for a much longer time than Clomid. If you need to, there is no medical indication that you can't take Femara for at least 12 cycles. Hopefully, within that time, you will become pregnant!

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