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What are beta blockers?

Beta blockers are a type of medications which works by blocking the adrenaline and so it is involved in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. The main function of beta blockers is to decrease the level of adrenaline, and by that, the heart is not in that much danger. These medications are also used to stabilize heart pulse, decrease pain it the thorax area, reduce abnormally high blood pressure, treat anxiety disorders and eye disease called glaucoma. There are several medications which belong to a group of beta blockers.

Instructions about using beta blockers

It is important to know that those individuals who have a certain heart condition must not end abruptly with the usage of these medicines. They should talk to the doctor and, if he thinks that medications are no longer needed, you will taper of medicines as the doctor recommends. This medicine helps in treating angina pectoris, hypertension and abnormal pulse and it should be used as the doctor suggests it. It should be taken every day simultaneously.

Side effects

Unwanted effects which may and may not occur during the usage of these medicines are usually vertigo, wooziness, and unclear sight. Because of these side effects, your reactions may be slower. Beta blockers can also affect the blood flow, especially in the legs and arms, and therefore you could feel coldness in your feet and hands. You should ask for medical help if you notice that your skin is more sensitive to injuries, swellings on your extremities, disarray, depressive feelings and thoughts, and if you are allergic to any of the components of these medicines. Some side effects that are not mentioned here can appear as well, and if they do appear, you should talk to your doctor as fast as possible.


You should talk honestly to your doctor about all illnesses that you suffered from and conditions that you still have. Also, if you are treating other conditions you should inform the doctor that you are using beta blockers. That is important because if beta blockers are used in combination with certain drugs, they can cause unwanted effects. If a woman is pregnant, these medicines can be taken only if necessary. This medicine can be passed on to the baby through breastfeeding, so this is also an issue which should be talked about with the specialist.


If you have taken more medicine than you need, call ER right away. Those who live in the States can reach the US national poison hotline at -800-222-1222. The main signs of overdose are vertigo, slow pulse, problems with breathing and losing consciousness.

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