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Xolair is a medication which is used to treat the symptoms of allergic reactions. It is also prescribed as a treatment for asthma which is a consequence of an allergy. Xolair can be combined with other asthma medications, but your doctor will decide on the treatment. You should follow the instructions from your doctor and do not take any medications without checking with the doctor first. Also inform the doctor about any vitamins or supplements. Xolair is not recommended for children under the age of 12. If you are pregnant or you are breastfeeding, inform your doctor about it because Xolair may be damaging for the baby. Xolair is given as an injection, so it is important that your doctor gives you the injection or you may do it yourself if you know how.

Allergic reaction

Allergic reactions to Xolair are similar to those of any medication. Such reactions includes skin irritation, rash, tingling and itchiness, breathing difficulties, tension in the chest, faintness and swelling of the throat, tongue, lips or face.

Side effects

Every medication has a number of side effect, and so does Xolair. Some of the side effects are not considered to be dangerous, such as headache, fatigue, pain in the muscles, pain in the joints, faintness, pain in the ear, loss of hair, fever, sore throat, skin irritation, rash and itchiness. You may also experience some changes on the skin, on the spot where you received the injection. Such changes includes swelling, pain, redness, warmth, itching and bruising, and they can be quite common after the injection. Other common side effects of Xolair may include headache, pain in the ear, problems with sinuses, and swelling of the skin on some other part of the body, besides the injection spot. Inform your doctor of any side effects, especially if they are severe. Some other side effects of Xolair which are considered to be dangerous include irregular pulse, breathing difficulties, pain in the chest, fever, cough, mood changes such as anxiety and confusion, fainting, weakness or numbness which affects one side of the body, problems with swallowing or speaking, vision impairment, bleedings, bruising, unusual appearances on the skin such as lumps, moles or swellings. In rare cases Xolair may enhance the risk of skin, breast, prostate and salivary gland cancer.

Classification of Side Effects

According to the parts of the body which may be affected by Xolair l, side effect can be classified as local, which include the spot where the injection was given, cardiovascular, dermatologic, respiratory, musculoskeletal and oncologic side effects. There are also other side effect which affect the nervous system and other side effects which include pain in the ear, infections, tiredness and pain.

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