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Sexual problems in men are mainly connected with their erection, or, more specifically, with the lack of it. Yet, this does not necessarily have to be the case, since other complications can trigger sexual problems in males. Either way, these problems can interfere with many aspects of happy life of both men and women.

While some men may have problems achieving the erection necessary for a successful sexual intercourse, others may experience issues with ejaculation or some other problems related to their sexual performance and success. Fortunately, most cases of sexual problems in males are treatable.

Types of Sexual Problems in Men

Premature ejaculation, being one's proneness to ejaculating without control, affects about 1 out of every 3 men, on average. Usually, this phenomenon takes place scarcely. Yet, if it troubles you too often, you should seek medical assistance, especially if ejaculation occurs before sex or early during the intercourse. Premature ejaculation is triggered by several factors. Sometimes, the anxiety or the guilt the male is feeling may influence his performance, triggering premature ejaculation. On other occasions, imbalances in brain chemicals can be behind this problem, along with excessive levels of sexual drive or arousal. Finally, less fortunate males may suffer from this sexual problem due to the fact that their prostate or urethra is inflamed/infected.

As far as erectile dysfunction is concerned, it manifests through one's inability to achieve the level of penile stiffness necessary for maintaining and enjoying sexual intercourse. Even though vast majority of people use medications for treating this sexual problem, these drugs are not safe for all males. Basically, avoid taking Viagra, Levitra or Clialis if you are on heart medications called nitrates. The combination of the two results in a dangerous decrease in blood pressure, which can possibly be life-threatening. Alternatively, if you are on alpha blockers, treating your enlarged prostate or high blood pressure, consult your doctor before using any drugs for overcoming erectile dysfunction. Many factors can lead to erectile dysfunction. Some of these are constriction in penile blood vessels, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, nerve damage, specific medications, low testosterone levels, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, depression etc.

Many males lose their sexual drive during the course of their lives. Sometimes, an illness may trigger this lack of interest, even though medications may be behind this too. Alternatively, hormonal imbalances are also potential culprits, along with problems in the relationship and stress. Men are prone to losing their interest in sex when they become older. Yet, if sex attracts you still, seek medical assistance and overcome this problem.

Since testosterone is a male hormone involved in sex drive, sperm production, growth of pubic hair and many other functions, lack of proper amounts of it can easily lead to sexual problems in men.

Statistical Data regarding Sexual Problems in Men

According to different researches, one in every 3 men experiences problems with premature ejaculation. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction appears in lives of about 15 to 30 million US males. In fact, by the time men reach the age of 65, about 25% of them will suffer from erectile dysfunction at least once in every 4 sexual encounters they experience.

Today, more teenagers and young people get involved in sex. This results in a much greater number of teenage pregnancies, unprotected sexual intercourse and relationship issues, along with a greater risk of sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, about 400,000 babies are born to girls younger than 20 and about 50% of sexually active teenagers will end up with a sexually transmitted disease. Thus, these worries and problems may increase chances of males suffering from sexual problems too.Treatment for Sexual Problems in Men

Upon noticing repeated sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido or presence of testosterone imbalances, males are advised to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Timely treatment increases chances of success.

If the excessive excitement is standing in the way between you and a pleasurable sex, triggering premature ejaculation, make brief pauses during the intercourse or use thicker condoms. Certain topical creams can help you too. Also, ask your doctor for other means of overcoming this issue and communicate with your partner about the problem. Some drugs like antidepressants can help you delay ejaculation too. Yet, do not take these without consulting with your doctor first.

As for erectile dysfunction, two or three different treatments may be necessary before a solution is found. Medications, such as Viagra, can prove to be all you need since these drugs increase the blood flow to the penis area, enabling and promoting your erection.

Vacuum cylinder pumps, dietary supplements or herbal medications, all can be great for overcoming your erectile dysfunction.

Finally, low testosterone levels can be dealt with through testosterone replacement therapy. However, this approach is not good for all people and is commonly observed as non-standard. Sometimes, this problem can be triggered by an underlying disease. Then, treating it will result in the restoration of normal testosterone levels.

All in all, sexual problems in men vary, and can manifest through different phenomena. Thus, the treatment varies itself, being necessary and best sought early, as soon as the problems arrive.

So, stay healthy and take good care of your sexual health, reacting timely if you notice any problems related to your sexual motivation or performance.

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