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Erectile dysfunction is every man’s worst nightmare. It is also called male impotence, or ED, and usually described as an inability to develop or maintain the erection of the penis. When men are unable to keep their penis hard and elevated, they are also unable to maintain sexual performance. A penile erection occurs when blood enters the penis where it becomes retained in the sponge-like tissues.

This complex mechanism involves many physiological, endocrinal, psychological and vascular processes. If anything goes wrong in any of these processes, men will most probably be unable to hold an erection. Erectile dysfunction is a very common health complaint, and it can occur anytime in men’s life. It can also have severe psychological consequences and cause a lot of distress to the affected individuals. However, in most cases, erectile dysfunction is just a temporary health problem that is relatively easy to manage.

Causes of erectile dysfunction in young men

Erectile dysfunction can originate from a number of different causes. Some of them are tightly connected with health and physical well being, while others have much to do with psychological reasons and lifestyle habits.In many cases, erectile dysfunction occurs as a result of potassium deficiency. Potassium is important in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in the body and any kind of deprivation can cause problems with erection.

Certain diseases, such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis can affect the blood flow and functions of the nervous system, leading to erectile dysfunction.In most cases, the sources of erectile dysfunction in young men are various psychological causes such as performance anxiety or stress. Stage fright or performance anxiety is especially common among young men who often fear they might fail in sexual performance.

Spending many hours on a bicycle is also considered risky for men. Men who cycle more than three hours a week are at the greatest risk since a narrow saddle seat puts a significant pressure on the nerves and arteries located at the root of the penis. This leads to their injury, numbness, pain and even temporary erectile dysfunction.

Other common causes of erectile dysfunction include smoking tobacco and marijuana, having some sort of neurogenic disorder, taking anti-depressant drugs, or having a kidney failure.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

The exact kind of treatment for erectile dysfunction depends on the actual cause. In most cases, men will be advised to practice aerobic exercise and to change lifestyle habits that are associated with the development of male impotence. Medications are also available, as well as a surgery that involves the insertion of artificial prosthetic implants into the penis.

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