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It is a common knowledge that women who are smokers increase the risk of miscarriage, pregnancy complication, stillbirth, and also risking that their newborns have health related problems. This is again indicated in the latest study of 4800 women as reported by Reuters.

The latest studies claim that women who are constantly exposed to second hand smoke do face difficulties when they are trying to conceive a baby with their partner. The research reports that women who were exposed to second hand smoke are also subject to increased chance of undergoing miscarriage or stillbirth for as much as 39%; and they are have almost 70% bigger possibility of experiencing problems when trying to conceive or generally infertility problems. Additionally, other studies report that secondhand smoke exposure either at home or at work puts women at almost 70% higher risk (comparing to those who weren't exposed to second hand smoke) for developing PAD. PAD is also known as peripheral artery disease, which is a disease that causes leg pain when walking, because of the narrowed arteries and reduced blood flow to the limbs.

Other studies report exposure to second hand smoke, either at home or at work, causes Chronic rhinosinusitis, which is known to cause inflammation of the nose or sinuses that may last more than 3 months. Various researches report that second hand smoke contains more than 4 thousand substances, and as much as 5 hundred of them contain or are suspected to be carcinogens. Therefore second hand smoke is linked to numerous diseases not only in adults and children, but in newborns too. These cases include not only diseases, such as acute respiratory infections, asthma, bronchitis, middle ear disease, heart and coronary related diseases, and lung and sinus cancers, but death cases caused by sudden infant death syndrome. Experiment conducted by Canadian Brock University proved that those with chronic rhinosinusitis were more likely than those in the control group to have secondhand smoke exposure at home or at public and public settings.

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