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The Dangers of Second-hand Smoke

Even though many smokers believe thatthey are responsible for what they do and do not understand why otherpeople tell them to quit smoking, they should stop and think. Surely,the main damage of their favorite vice is directed towards them,their cardiovascular system, throat, heart, lungs and various otherorgans. However, during their smoking indulgence, they exhalesecond-hand smoke which can, in some cases, be even more dangerousthan the original smoke they themselves inhale.

Namely, this second-hand smoke isexpelled for others to breathe it in. Thus, family, close friends,children and many other people who spend time with smokers areexposed to smoke themselves. Needless to say, this makes them smokeas well, even though passively. So, as soon as they indulge in suchan involuntary action, they are bound to experience health problems,some more serious than the others. Thus, smokers not only harm themselves, they are destroying other people's lives as well.

Upon having a career of passivesmoking, a non-smoking adult can experience lung diseases, heartconditions, cancer and many other health conditions. Moreover,children can develop asthma or can have asthma attacks if theyalready are suffering from the illness. Additionally, pregnant womenwho are exposed to second-hand smoke, have a risk of giving birth toa low-weight baby or having a miscarriage.

All in all, even though this is justthe tip of the iceberg, the danger of passive smoking is more thanreal.

Bans and Ways of Stopping PassiveSmoking

In order to stop passive smoking, weneed to ban regular smoking as well. Thus, many companies havedecided to take this step, due to a high number of passive smokerstaking days off, due to the fact that they suffer from some illnessesthey got from inhaling second-hand smoke of their co-workers for toolong. Many times, smokers themselves start desiring a change,noticing how their unhealthy hobby seems to be destroying the healthof many people around them.

As far as smoking cessation isconcerned, we have several, most effective, options. First of all,you may try hypnosis or self-hypnosis, both being very effective waysof reprogramming your subconsciousness in order to quit smoking.There are many other methods and medications which all guaranteesmoking cessation. The rest is up to the smoker. He/she can eithercontinue killing him/herself and all the people around him/her, orcan try and make a life-bettering change.

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