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Abnormal ovarian cyst: all the information you ever wanted to know

Abnormal Cysts in Ovaries

Several cysts are considered to be abnormal. These are adenoma, dermoid and endometrioma cysts, as well as periorbital dermoid cysts. As the most common cause of these problems doctors identified female hormones, such as etsrogen and progesterone and hormone imbalances in the human body.

Abnormal cysts are different than functional cysts. They are caused by abnormal growth of the cells and most of them are found to be benign. In some cases they remain in the body and don’t cause any problem. However, for abnormal cysts that burst, surgical procedure may be the only option.

Types of Abnormal Cysts

Adenoma cysts develop on the outer surface of the ovaries and can develop without any apparent symptoms or alter to mucinous cyst adenoma tumor. Women may experience abdominal difficulties because of these cysts and gynecologists can identify the source of the problem using some tests. Musinous cyst adenoma may be a very large tumor. This is very rare alteration, usually seen in young patients, but because of the severity of the problem any abdominal complaint should be taken care of.

Dermoid cysts or cystic teratoma are made of skin, hair, nails, bones, blood or some other tissues form the body. This is benign condition and rarely becomes malignant. Endodermal sinus tumor is potential complication in children, while rare adult complication is squamous cell carcinoma.

Periorbital dermoid ovarian cysts usually develop in small children. They can be noticed on the lateral side of the eyebrows. In most cases they have rubbery feel and doctors may decide just to watch or to excise them. After incomplete excision the cyst may reappear.

Endometrioma cysts are also known as chocolate cysts in the ovaries. They are formed from the tissue that looks like lining of the uterus, that attach to the ovaries thus creating chocolate cysts.

Polycystic cysts in the ovaries are formed from the follicle cysts. The main cause of this problem is the thickenss of the ovaries, which prevents the ovulation. Medical term for these cysts is PCOS and these abnormal cysts in the ovaries may interfere with woman’s fertility.

Holistic Treatment for Abnormal Cysts in Ovaries

Holistic methods are known to efficiently cure abnormal ovarian cysts. These treatments deal with all root causes of this medical problem, and heal the person both emotionally and physically. Since this is completely harmless approach, many patients experiencing difficulties because of the abnormal ovarian cysts tried it and resolved their problems.

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