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Sore throat is a common thing and it usually does not affect the voice, although sometimes the voice can get a bit harsh and croaky. This is potentially harmless since the larynx won’t get affected.

Sometimes the loss of voice is attributed to a rasp which gradually gets deteriorated into a whisper, accompanied by a sore sensation in the throat. But there are also situations where people lose their voices without feeling any sore sensation in their throats.

Laryngitis is the most common symptom of a lost voice. Laryngitis is a condition where the voice box, which contains the vocal chords, gets inflamed.

When we exhale, the vocal chords vibrate because of the air from the lungs which gets forced through them by the diaphragm. When the voice box is not inflamed, the vibrations vary to different degrees and give us the wanted sound of the voice. When inflamed or under infection, their motion is restricted and the air just flows through without causing any vibration.

In very rare cases, the cause of voice loss might be because of some serious disease like a lung tumor or maybe even some deeper reason of an emotional or psychological nature. It is almost impossible to lose the voice totally and even the sensation of clearing the throat or coughing produces at least some kind of voice.

If the ability to talk clearly does not improve over a period of a few weeks, the person should visit the doctor to check if there are some other serious underlying medical conditions causing the voice loss.

A simple exchange of saliva or an accidental inhalation of the sneeze or cough of another person can sometimes be just enough for the transmission of germs that carry some sort of infection.

When avoiding persons with sore throats, coughs, colds and any other similar condition, it is possible to lessen the chances of getting a throat infection.

One should rest well in order to keep the immune system in the proper condition to fight all the harmful germs and infections they carry.

Stress and anger management, as well as the proper handling of any emotional issues, can be of great help in preventing higher susceptibility to various infections.

A lost voice will usually return in its own time, when it is able and recovered enough. One should just rest, drink lots of fluids, and talk as little as possible in order to let the tissues heal properly. Singing and talking may put extra stress on unhealthy vocal chords.

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