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Introduction to voice surgery

When talking about surgery to repair the voice, there are the two generally accepted types of surgery. One is the microlaryngoscopy and the other is a laryngoplasty.


This is a surgery that is used in order to diagnose and remove lesions of the vocal cords, usually. It is used to remove things like polyps, cysts, papilloma and Reinke’s edema, which can cause problems to the vocal chords and voice.

It is the most precise procedure for the vocal folds and it allows the doctor to use two of the most important tools for voice surgery, which are the microscope and other microscopic instruments.

The surgery involves as laryngoscope, which is an instrument that is inserted through the mouth, which means that the doctor will not have to be cutting into the skin and making any incisions at all.

The microinstruments are used to remove whatever needs to be removed from the vocal folds and the patient is under general anesthesia all the while.

However, the patient will go home on the same day of the procedure and does not have to stay in the hospital for long after the surgery.

The surgery itself usually takes about an hour, depending on how substantial the work that needs to be done is. There is some pain after the surgery, but it is usually not very severe and the patient will be able to treat the pain with regular over-the-counter painkillers usually.

There are some complications, but they are minor. Some of them include temporary numbness or tingling of the tongue, or damaged teeth, especially if a person already has somewhat damaged crowns.

Most of the pain will be coming from the scar that is left on the vocal cord after the polyp has been removed.

There is another procedure that involves laser surgery, but it is a controversial practice because the tissue reaction is rather unpredictable, even though the procedure is fairly accurate.

To stay on the safer side, it is better to have the polyps removed with microscopic instruments, because there is less of a chance that there will be more damaged than necessary done to the vocal folds.Laryngoplasty

This is a surgery which changes the shape of the larynx and vocal folds and it is usually used to change the position of a paralyzed vocal fold. It is usually used to improve voice production that has been damaged.

Sometimes an implant will be put in to readjust the position of the cartilage in the larynx.

The procedure usually cannot be done through the mouth and requires a skin incision in the neck and the size of the incision will depend on the extent of the surgery.

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