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Our voice is easily temporarily lost due to excessive straining of our vocal folds. Everyday excitements such as sports games and matches, different frustrations, even whispering and screaming may cause one's voice to fade. Fortunately, there are numerous natural ways of restoring one's voice quickly and effectively.

Symptoms and Manifestations

The very condition considered as voice loss is medically named laryngitis. This name tells us that the whole condition is connected to our larynx. Namely, our vocal cords in that area vibrate in order for us to produce sounds. In any cases of excessive use, the cords get swollen, making us sound less rich in tone and introducing that hiss, characteristic for laryngitis. This may happen due to smoking actively or passively, screaming, whispering, talking too much, or for to long, or talking loudly for a longer period of time. All these situations along with the possibility of laryngitis due to gastric reflux and stomach acids in your throat, make a list of all the cause of the absence of your voice. Depending on the severity, laryngitis may be chronic or acute, long or short lasting.

As for the symptoms, they vary from being unable to talk to having a quiet, hiss accompanied voice, along with coughing, breathing difficulties as well as a necessity to clear your throat. All these, and many others are all serious indicators of laryngitis.

Treatment and Possible Remedies

First of all, cutting out some of the cause may prove to be the most effective way. Restrain yourself from yelling and screaming as well as talking to much and raising your voice often. If you take care of your vocal cords, they will be able to provide you voice at all times. Also, reduce or completely remove coffee, cigarettes and alcohol from everyday lifestyle. These all heavily contribute to your voice loss, thus excluding those from your life may only be good for your vocal health.

Steam inhalation and hot showers present excellent home remedies. By inhaling steam from nothing more than a bowl of hot water, you provide your vocal cords excellent healing environment. Also, hot showers relax the cords and have a similar effect. Additionally, keeping your throat hydrated by drinking sufficient amounts of water and swallowing regularly acts as an excellent remedy and preventive measure against laryngitis. Drinking tea with honey is also a brilliant choice and a powerful remedy.

Avoid dry environments, since these can be heavy for your throat and larynx. Rather, make your dwelling place more pleasant by using home humidifiers. This will keep your throat moist and your vocal cords secure.

Finally, if you have lost your voice, during the recovery period try to restrain yourself from straining your vocal cords. Rather, stay silent for as long as possible and use cough drops in order to disinfect and regenerate your larynx along with your voice.

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