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Problem of the larynx inflammation is called laryngitis andit develops hoarse voice or, in more serious cases, complete voice loss due tothe vocal folds inflammation. Laryngitis can cause dysphonia, which is a medicalname for the vocal disorder. There are two types of laryngitis and they areacute and chronic. Chronic is more serious, and it can last more thanthree weeks, while acute lasts for several days. Men tend to have the chroniclaryngitis more and especially those who are middle-aged.


You may have a problem of loss of voice and if so, you know that it can causepain, discomfort and embarrassment. This problem, medically termed laryngitis,is caused by the vocal cords inflammation, which is mostly developed due toviral and bacterial infections. This medical problem causes the swelling and inflammationof the mucous membranes of the vocal cords and this will make your voice lowerand deeper. Also, laryngitis can lead to total voice loss, but these cases arerare. In some rare occasions, you may experience symptoms of flu or a cold,along with the hoarse or raspy voice. Flu, pneumonia and bronchitis are some ofthe medical conditions that can develop laryngitis as a symptom, which happens due to the cough, which causes the swelling and inflammation of thevocal cords. Singers and people who speak often can develop this problem aswell. This issue is easily resolved with a little rest for the vocal cords.Exposure to the fumes, smoke and smoking can lead to the laryngitis becausethese activities can make the vocal cords inflamed.


There are some more serious causes of the laryngitis, such as larynx cancer,which causes more persistent laryngitis or voice hoarseness. In this case, youhave to see a doctor. Croup is another possible cause, which is a typical disease of children and it develops cough, wheezing, hoarseness and cold symptoms.Some of the other problems caused by this illness are swallowing and eatingproblems. Epiglottitis is another possible cause of the laryngitis amongchildren. It develops fever and problems with breathings due to the epiglottisswelling. The epiglottis is a windpipe covering flap, which prevents aspirationwhen we swallow. This problem is caused by bacterial infection and it can bevery harmful since the flap is narrow and this can have great negative effecton the breathing. Medical assistance must be received since this is a problem whichmay cause death if treatment is not received timely. This issue can lead to theblushing in color of the skin, passing out and breathing problems, so call thehospital if you notice some of these problems.

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