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Just like every other organ in our body, the brain can alsobenefit from certain supplements, due to their beneficial features. People donot think about this part of the body too much, at least until the agingprocess begins to affect their memory and concentration, but the fact is thatwe should not wait until this happens to implement brainpower supplements inour diet. Since the greatest majority of them is not expensive and is widelyavailable, people should use them regularly in order to protect the brainagainst the toxic damage and in order to support and improve its functions.

What brainpower supplements are safe?

Vinpocetine, phosphotidyl serine, ginkgo biloba, Saint John’s Wort and taurineare some of those brainpower supplements that are considered the safest.

Vinpocetine is an extract obtained from the periwinkleplant, and it is primarily used in order to increase the flow of the blood tothe brain. This results in better oxygenation and thus in better mentalalertness and perception. It has a positive effect on the metabolism of thebrain and on the circulatory system, which certainly improves cognitivefunction and enhances memory.Phosphotidyl serine has the ability to activatecommunication between the cells, thus improving the functioning of particularreceptors, regulating the growth of the cells and preparing them for activity. Thisall has a positive effect on the brainpower and memory. What might be the bestabout this medication is that it does not have side effects.Ginkgo biloba improves the blood flow to the brain, and itcan be found in the form of capsules or tea. It might be a bit more expensivethan the previous two brainpower supplements, but it can be bought in anyhealth food shop.Saint John’sWort is practically a kind of weed that might as well grow in the nearby gardenor yard. Its effects on the power of the brain haven’t been confirmedofficially, but many people claim that besides the fact that it improves themood, it makes the brain function better as well.Taurine is an amino acid that tends to act as a chemicaltransmitter in the brain, and since it is an important intracellularantioxidant for this organ, it should definitely be used for this purpose.

Aside from these, folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12,L-Glutamine and L-Glycine are also good brainpower supplements.

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