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The host of bumps on the scalp can become frustrated with not knowing the cause or the correct form of treatment to follow to get rid of them.Bumps on the Scalp

Many people suffer with bumps on their scalp. These bumps can cause irritation, can be annoying and sometimes can be unattractive. There is a variety of reasons for getting bumps on the scalp from dermatitis to acne, chicken pox, shingles, cysts, and even cancer.The Causes of Bumps on the Scalp

Out of the list mentioned above, dermatitis is the main cause of bumps on the scalp. If you suffer with dermatitis you will notice certain symptoms such as itching, inflammation and blisters that are filled with pus which can and will seep out the fluid, followed by crusting over just to once start the process again. The second most common cause of bumps is acne. The bumps caused from acne can actually hurt because the follicles can get clogged up with the over production of oil and even dirt which will lead to a microbial growth, thus causing acne taking place on the scalp. If the bumps itch insanely it can be a symptom of epidermal or a sebaceous cyst. This particular cyst is just underneath the first layer of skin and it has greasy white semi-solid liquid inside. This will usually need surgery to take away the cyst as well as its content. If the bumps itch but are also large and red then this is probably hives and this means there is an inflammation or infection of one or a couple of the hair follicles. In some cases a person can have cancerous growths of the cells of the scalp which cause them to notice a small bump or many bumps. If this is the case, more often than not the bumps will only be present on the scalp in areas that are not covered with hair.

Natural Treatment Methods for Bumps on Scalp

If you notice bumps on the scalp you can try using an over-the-counter shampoo that has been specifically made for treating bumps on the scalp. These shampoos will have ketoconazole, tar, Ciclopirox, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, and/or salicylic acid in it. You should also try to eat a healthy diet that has proteins, vitamins and minerals as it will increase your immune system. If you are at all concerned by the bumps seek the advice of your local GP.

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