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About Stretch Marks

Stretch marks or striae are the condition of the skin causedby rapid stretching of the skin. Both men and women can develop this problem,but it is more frequently found in women. When the human skin gets too stretchedcollagen tissue gets damaged and that causes formation of stretch marks.

At first, stretch marks look like red or pink lines, butwith time, they become linear scars on the skin. These white scars look emptyand when you touch them they are very soft and somewhat empty. Hips, thighs, belly,breasts, buttocks and also lower back are the areas of the human body mostly affectedby stretch marks.

Pregnancy and puberty are very common time for developingstretch marks. Sudden weight gain or weight loss during this or any other timeof life can affect your skin, cause it to overstretch and lead to stretchmarks. More than 70% of all women that had a child experience these unpleasantsigns on their skin, but many athletes, especially body builders and weightlifters are also prone to the same problem.

Can You Erase Stretch Marks

Unfortunately, the answer is no, you can’t erase stretchmarks. Many people tried different things, but the best result is only lessvisible striae on the skin, but the condition remained present.

Good creams and lotions designed for the stretch mark repairusually contain vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin E. There are someclaims that vitamin E gel can improve visible stretch marks on the skin. Thesesources recommend using the gel regularly for 2 weeks. Regular exfoliation, hotbaths and massages are also believed to be helpful for people suffering fromstretch marks.

Consummation of vitamin C and glycolic acid supplements is supposedto be very efficient. The dose is 500mg of vitamin C, three times every day,and this should improve all your visible stretch marks.

Zenmed stretta and strivectin SD are some of the productsbelieved to be able to decrease the visibility of stretch marks. These productscan reduce irregularities of the skin and decrease the length and depth ofthese scars on the skin.

Laser surgery is also one of the methods claimed to be successfulin repair of stretch marks. However, these surgical procedures are very costlyand doubtfully efficient. Some of the patients praise the efficacy of laserprocedures for their skin problems, while others are more than unhappy, sayingthey wasted their money on the treatment.

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