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Most pregnant women think about stretch marks and wonder how to avoid them. For many, stretch marks become a less beautiful permanent reminder of their pregnancy than their baby! Here are some fun and interesting things you may not have known about these lines, also known as striae.

1. Pregnant teenagers are most likely to develop lots of stretch marks. Girls who are going to be a teenage mom are probably not looking forward to the changes pregnancy can bring to a body. They may just be stuck with stretch marks, though!

2. Losing weight may before attempting to conceive may be one way to prevent pregnancy stretch marks. Those with a high BMI are at a higher risk.

3. Stretch marks can turn up almost anywhere on the body. We are all familiar with stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs, butt and breasts. Did you know that these unwanted buddies can also appear on your upper arms, lower legs, and back?

4. Rapid stretching of the skin like pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss, is what causes striae. Stretch marks form when the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, ruptures. If that makes you think that hydrating the outer layer of the skin is pointless, you could still be wrong. Studies have shown that creams containing vitamin E, elastin, and panthenol statistically reduce the chance of stretch marks.

5. Stretch marks fade with time, and turn from bright purple to silvery white. You may grow to love them as part of your body yes, really! but if you hate your stretch marks, there could be a solution. Radiofrequency waves combined with laser treatment has been shown to be quite successful in removing stretch marks!

6. Stretch marks are almost a rite of passage for mothers. They may not be nice, but they are completely and utterly normal. The vast majority of women who have given birth have them between 75 percent and 90 percent get them!

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