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Everyone is aware that our skin is elastic, but there are limits unfortunately to how much elasticity is in our skin. In the situations, when the skin is stretched past its point of natural elasticity stretch marks may become visible. The breasts are particularly prone to stretch marks. During the growing process that young women go through they will see the stretch marks appear. People that gain weight in a short period of time may also witness the appearance of stretch marks on their breasts. Pregnant women are extremely vulnerable to stretch marks on their breasts in the second and particularly the third trimester.Stretch Marks and Breasts

Women that are concerned with their appearance are usually those who have stretch marks on their breasts. Stretch marks on the breasts will appear red or purple and the skin layers are inclined to look dull and thin which can make the stretch marks look like scars. After some time, they can become somewhat lighter, however, they carry on staying as an unappealing imperfections on the skin.

The Causes of Stretch Marks on the Breasts

The growth of stretch marks on the breasts is a completely biological and natural course of action. Even with this knowledge, many young women feel utter embarrassment of them. As mentioned earlier, the stretch marks can develop quicker and deeper due to pregnancy, weight gain and the general growing process of a woman.

The Treatment of Stretch Marks on the Breasts

On the market there are creams and lotions that can help you to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks as well as remove them slowly over time. Revitol have a stretch mark preventative cream that has been recommended as it helps to increase the manufacture of elastin and collagen in the skin therefore helping to support a healthy skin condition. There is an array of methods you can try such as applying cocoa or shea butter to your breasts on a daily basis. Try to get into the habit of massaging your breasts twice a day as this will increase the circulation of blood and nutrients. Exercise will also help with the maintenance of your skins elasticity thus preventing stretch marks. A very good tip is to puncture a capsule of vitamin E and rub the contents of it onto your breasts. Vitamin E is very nourishing. You can even use baby oil and massage your breasts with this because dry breasts will encourage the development of stretch marks. A healthy diet will help with just about anything as will drinking the right amount of water on a daily basis.

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