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Known medically as striae gravidarum, stretch marks occur when the fibres in the middle layer of skin break. During rapid growth or an expansion of the body, the skin expands and eventually overstretches, thus causing stretchmarks. Stretchmarks are pale white in appearance, but may have previously been reddish when first developed. These marks can occur after gaining weight, during pregnancy or puberty and can also be a side-effect of body-building. Stretchmarks appear most often around the belly, breasts, buttocks, legs and upper arms. There are several ways in which the problem of stretchmarks can be countered.

Cosmetic Surgery and Therapy

Some cosmetic surgeries or processes can rid you of stretchmarks quickly and efficiently. Endermologie employs a machine to massage the affected area of skin. During this process, toxins are expelled and blood circulation is increased, both of which assist the treatment of stretchmarks. Another cosmetic method of stretchmark removal is microdermabrasion. This method effectively removes the skin, using both mechanical and chemical processes. A more expensive option may be to undergo laser surgery in order to rid oneself of the marks. If other remedies and methods fail, then one might consider this option, as it can be quite effective.

Natural remedies and other methodsif one does not wish to use cosmetic therapies, one can always use these home remedies to help eliminate stretch marks. Natural substances such as cocoa butter cream, aloe vera gel and jojoba oil can all contribute to helping the body address this problem. Cocoa butter cream is a vegetable fat derived from cocoa beans and is very effective in the fight against stretch marks. Simply rub the cream on the affected area. Aloe vera gel applied each day can help to gradually reduce stretchmarks and will also soothe your skin in general. Jojoba oil can help skin texture as well as being useful for getting rid of stretchmarks.

In addition to these remedies, there are an abundance of over-the-counter products available to help you get rid of stretchmarks. However, to do so successfully, one must choose the right lotions. Make sure to buy lotions that contain glycerin, alpha hydroxy acid and Vitamin E. Other natural remedies include shea butter, almond oil, emu oil, castor oil and olive oil.

Regular exercise can also help to combat stretchmarks. Running and jogging regularly can help remove stretchmarks on the legs. Try to also eat a healthy, balanced diet as this will help you maintain your ideal weight, something which is important in order to prevent stretchmarks from developing.

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