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An Introduction to Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are an unpleasant physical occurrence that can cause embarrassment and lack of confidence. A number of treatments exist for stretch mark prevention as well as removal.

Elastin and collagen are fibers located in the dermis of the skin. They are responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and loss of elasticity leads to stretch marks. Procedures such as burning and laser removal are said to remove stretch marks, but are often either non effective or can even cause more scarring. They are also expensive and often can be painful.

There are numerous medications and treatments for stretch marks. Before obtaining any kind of stretch mark medication, it is important to ascertain how it was made, its ingredients, where it came from, how it works and other information relating to it. A quality website on the topic must provide the mentioned information on all herbal products it offers. After purchase, reading the label carefully is also recommended.

Stretch Marks Treatment

There are two different types of stretch mark causes: physical and hormonal.

The physical causes include sudden weight gain, weight loss or growth spurts of some kind. Damage to the fibers is caused by this extreme stretching of the skin, causing them to tear. Long-term steroid use or diseases such as Cushing's can also cause stretch marks. Completely removing the stretch marks is rare, but certain treatments are available that can help reduce their appearance significantly. Preventing the stretch marks is the best method of treatment, as few treatments can actually completely remove them. In the case of pregnancy, keeping the skin moisturized is strongly advised. Moisturizing the skin is recommended for all persons that wish to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Exfoliating the skin to erase stretch marks is also preferred.

Stretch mark remover creams and lotions are usually most effective on new stretch marks; older stretch marks may not respond to removal creams. Aphahydroxy acid (AHA) is considered a popular solution developed to treat stretch marks.

Laser treatments and skin peels are better at reducing the appearance of older stretch marks. While more effective than usual creams or exfoliaters, these methods can be quite painful, and consulting a doctor or dermatologist for more information is advised.

Cosmetic surgery can erase stretch marks fully, or at least alter their appearance significantly. This method is considered radical, but is possibly the most effective. During surgery, the skin taut is pulled to reduce the appearance of stretch marks in the affected area.

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