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Stretch marks are common problem of many pregnant women. Some women are more susceptible to stretch marks during pregnancy. What all women must know is that there are methods to prevent occurrence of stretch marks during pregnancy and even if they occur they may be treated in order to become less visible. Unfortunately, once they develop stretch marks stay for life.

In pregnant women skin of the belly area stretches quickly within short period of time. The skin is simply not able to adapt to sudden excessive stretching and stretch marks form. Stretch marks are initially purple and they eventually mature and their color becomes similar to the skin color (silverish).

Causes of Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

It is estimated that 75-90% of all pregnant women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. A variety of factors interferes in the occurrence of stretch marks during pregnancy. Stretch marks are closely related to genetic or hereditary traits. If the skin is not elastic enough the stretch marks are more likely to develop. In pregnant women certain body areas grow faster (especially the belly). The skin stretches and has no time to adapt to changes.

Skin elasticity can be improved with proper hydration (intake of sufficient amount of water) or application of moisturizing creams and lotions. Stretch marks during pregnancy may occur due to certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin E and B6 vitamin. Furthermore, even intake of certain medications during pregnancy can be associated with stretch marks. And finally, certain studies have pointed to the fact that if the skin maintains proper level of melanin, it is less susceptible to stretch marks.

How to Deal with Stretch Marks Caused by Pregnancy

As it has already been mentioned it is impossible to completely get rid of stretch marks. However, stretch marks during pregnancy can be successfully prevented and if they occur their noticeability can be significantly reduced.

It is essential for a pregnant woman to drink plenty of water and other fluids. Furthermore, the skin is supposed to be properly moisturized. Proper moisturizing is achieved with many creams and lotions. There are even creams which can be applied after stretch makes have developed. These creams may only slightly improve the appearance of the skin but they simply cannot remove the skin changes.

One more preventive method for stretch marks during pregnancy is a well balanced diet. A diet during pregnancy must be rich in all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It should be caloric to a certain extent. By avoiding foods which are too caloric one may avoid excess of extra weight during pregnancy. Excess weight gain is a risk factor for stretch marks.

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