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This text will talk about lotionsused for elimination of the stretch marks. They function by increasing theelasticity of a skin and this should bring natural skin color back. We willgive you several tips that can help you if you are in a market for a stretchmark lotion. These marks are described as streaks located on the skin and theyare depressed, discolored and small, and created because the supportive tissuehas been torn. This torn is located in the layer under the skin called dermallayer. The official name for stretch mark is striae and they are empty and softwhen touched. In the initial stage, they are purple or pinkish lines, whichbecome faded after some time.


This is a very common problemfrom which many people are suffering from. Once the skin is stretched rapidlyover the elastic limit, stretch marks are created. Also, they can be a resultof pregnancy, muscles building, weight loss and weight gain. Pregnancy createsstretch mark on every second woman. Development of the stretch marks isincreased on locations such as buttocks, belly, thigh, breast and other areason which fat is accumulated easily.


If you are having a problem withstretch marks, there are treatments that can help you. Laser skin treatment,dermabrasion, lotions and creams are some of the treatment options. Costeffective are considered to be lotions and creams and another plus is that theycan be used at your home. The first thing that you need to remember is thatnothing can guarantee 100% results. Also, you may see a lot of ads that promotesuch result, but never rely on what you hear. The best thing you can do is tobuy a quality lotion from a reliable brand and begin to use it. If you use sucha product, the annoying stretch marks will begin to fade. Always buy a productthat has ingredient list on it and look for substances like cocoa butter,vitamin E and alpha hydroxyl. Skin will be moist due to coconut butter; it willlighten up due to vitamin E, while collagen manufacture will be increased dueto alpha hydroxyl. Always buy a product that people who have already used itadvertise. This will help you in finding out if the lotion is really effectiveor not. Also, following the instruction for massaging, or something else, iscrucial. But if none of the lotions work, you can hide the scars with a use ofa concealer. Prevention is the best cure, so try to keep the skin moist andsoft. You can do this by using a lotion for stretch mark prevention, whichcontains menthol, hyaluronic acid, elastin, panthenol, collagen hydrolysatesand vitamin E.

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