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Strep throat

Streptoccus group A bacteria are the cause of strep throat or sore throat infection. This is a common infection that usually affects pharynx and larynx (upper airways) or tonsils. Usually, patients experience fever, throat soreness, inflammation and redness, swollen tonsilsand lymph nodes, nausea and loss of appetite. Strep throat is a contagious condition. It is transmitted by direct contact with the infected person or contaminated personal items or food and that’s why it so often found in schools. Every strep throat infection must be treated with antibiotics, because it can get complicated.

Sometimes, sore throat might not be caused by bacterial infection. Keep that in mind and use antibiotics only when necessary, to treat proper strep and other bacterial infections.

Strep Throat Treatment


In most cases, strep infections affect children, much more frequently than adults. The antibiotic treatment should last for 10 days and doctors might prescribe: penicillin, amoxicillin, erythromycin or cephalosporins to treat strep throat. Sometimes, strep infection might pass on its own, for about one week. The problem is potential serious post infection that could cause rheumatic fever. Because of this doctors recommend taking antibiotics as soon as possible and use it to cure the infection. You shouldn’t stop the treatment before the doctors’ recommendation, even if you start to feel much better. So, it is your doctors’ decision how long the strep treatment will last.Home Remedies

Home remedies are easy ways to prevent or cure strep infections of the throat, and they include:Drink plenty of fluidsAdjust the food to your throatWarm yourself in cold daysRest properlySore throat can only benefit from the fluids you take. Warm fluids, such as warm water, broth or milk will help you ease the symptoms of strep throat. You might drink herbal, ginger or lemon grass teas, because they are proven to be helpful in these situations. Warm water with some honey and a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric are also proven home remedies for sore throat. Some even recommend gargling warm salty water (sometimes with a pinch of turmeric), because it may heal throat infections.

Avoid the food which might cause further throat inflammation. Spices, hot, oily, cold, or fried food are not the best choices when you have throat problems. Eat healthy these days and opt for fresh fruits and mashed potatoes.

Sore throat can be prevented. Warm yourself in the spring and winter with scarves and warm clothes to keep the strep throat away as much as possible.

Once you feel throat problem, take some rest and avoid stressful situations. It will help you much faster to recover from strep throat.

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