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A few words about the cystitis

Cystitis is the medical term or the condition which is manifested as the inflammatory process in the bladder, which usually figures as the consequence of the inflammatory process in the urethra, which is the tube that connects the bladder with the opening for the urine. The condition is itself treatable if the treatment is timely and if it begins at the very first stages of the inflammatory development, since it can spread and grow into more serious complications, such as, for example, when it passes on to the kidneys. So, the first notion of this health problem is the ardent pain when urinating, and it is the first prominent indicator of the ongoing inflammation.

Most commonly, it is caused by the entrance and the multiplication of the bacteria through the opening for the urine, most commonly the by the Escherichia Coli from the nearby anal opening, which usually happens when whipping of the area after the defecation, in the improper direction. Having in mind that the mentioned tube is shorter in the female population, it can be concluded that this problem affects mostly the females. Also, more likely to be affected by cystitis are the people who suffer from diabetes, the lack of water in the organism and the women who are susceptible to rather frequent infections of the vagina caused by bacteria.How to deal with it?

Besides the ardent feeling and the pain when expelling the urine, the accompanying troubles of this condition are most commonly the increased temperature of the body, shivers, the urge for throwing up and the decreased ability to control the urination.

However, one of the most troublesome characteristics of the cystitis is that it is very prone to come back after some time and that is why it is essentially important to undergo the treatment which is effective on the longer run. Of course, logically, the conventional treatment is based on the medications that annihilate bacteria, but, as far as the natural remedies are concerned, the most beneficial is cranberry. The increased consumption of this valuable fruit must go hand in hand with providing more or enough water to the organism, in order to strengthen the immunity which will wipe of the provoker of this problem. So, naturally, for the best results one should drink the tea or the juice from cranberry.

It is important to emphasize that this fruit is very helpful simply because it makes the membrane of the bladder less susceptible for the bacteria and they are, thus, expelled with the urine.

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